01 June 2017, Thursday

We did our first interview with Adnan Altınışık from ITFTUR which carried out Germany trip program organized last month.

Welcome, Mr. Adnan. Do you want to start our conversation by mentioning about yourself and your company?

  • Hello. I am Adnan Altınışık. After I started working in tourism sector as cashier in Etap Istanbul Hotel in my university years, I continued as a tourist guide. Since I graduated from Department of Spanish Language and Literature of Faculty of Literature of Istanbul University, I received my license in 1988 for Spanish language. Then, I added Japanese and Portuguese and did tourist guide actively until 2014. After the last cyclical developments, I spent more time for our agency than guiding.
  • ITFTUR established in Istanbul, 2009 has Türsab A Group Certificate. ITFTUR is specialized in Business Travel branch of tourism field. We prepare travel package programs for national and international trade fairs. We also organize custom trip programs, dealers meeting, launching meetings, general meetings and congresses as well as business travel, for closed groups of various institutions and organizations traveling domestically and internationally.
  • We are official travel agency of Hannover Messe Türkiye Fuarcılık A.Ş. In addition to them, we provide services such as special travel agency and flight ticket etc. for companies.

We wonder your opinions about the current status of the sector, how it has come to these days and problems.

  • Nowadays, tourism is going through some difficult times. Of course economic conditions have a huge impact on this. Since we operate in business travel section of tourism, we witness some problems such as especially decreasing number of employees of a company which travels or canceling business travels, budgeting business travels less than before, cutting down or canceling dealers and launching meetings. Our aim is to reach days in which economic problems are overcome and we continue to provide services by expanding our business volume for companies we are working with.

Can you give us some information if your agency has a project or investment planned to be realized in the near future?

  • One of the projects we want to realize is to organize mini workshops to improve the business volume of world countries and our commercial companies. We want to start this by aiming to expand the business volume with Senegal and Western African countries which we have strong business relationships with. We have been working for 3 years in order to organize bilateral business negotiations in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal - this can be sort of mini fair.

How did you met MISAD? What is you opinion about the association and its activities?

  • We carried out Germany trip program about 3 years ago. Our activities have continued by increasing since then. Our aim is to sustain the cooperation by developing it. We observe that it is such an active sectoral association. We are aware that they follow new technologies related to heat treatment industry closely. Each industry needs such standing-out and connective associations. As we see, MISAD is playing this role.

Thank you Mr. Adnan. Is there anything you would like to add?

  • Thank MISAD for providing us this interview opportunity.

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