18 May 2018, Friday

Leaving ten years behind as an association, Heat Treatment Industrialists Association (MISAD) completed its 6th General Assembly for which it had been preparing with the motto of ‘Let’s be ready to count further from 10’. The opening speech of the General Assembly where the quorum was ensured was realized by Koray Yavuz, the The Chairperson of MISAD on behalf of the management.

Hasan Çep was elected as the chairperson of the Board of Council and Oben Aydemir and Atilla Koçak were elected as the secretary members. Following the standing in silence for respect, 6th General Assembly topic was discussed. Activity report of Board of Directors was read with accurate account and discussed and then released. Estimated budget negotiation was carried to the agenda and read in General Assembly and negotiated and accepted.



47 out of 66 members used vote in 6th General Assembly of MISAD organized in Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) on May 11th. The members used vote for MISAD Board of Council, new bylaw, board of directors, Auditors Board, Steel Federation and new term election. As a result of the voting, the following lists were elected for MISAD Board of Directors and Auditors Board:

Directorate (Full)

1- Abdullah Akalın
2- Hasan Yücel Yılmaz
3- Koray Yavuz
4- Melih Yüksel
5- Murat Çelik
6- Sabahattin Özen
7- Yılmaz Türe

Directorate (Reserve)

1- Atilla Koçak
2- Bülent Kuşçu
3- Cem Avcıoğlu
4- Gökhan Lale
5- Kenan Anıl
6- Oğuzhan Demirci
7- Onur Öner

Auditors Board (Full)

1- Ahmet Cahit Yüksel
2- Cihan Balaman
3- Utku İnan

Auditors Board (Reserve)

1- Gürkan Gençler
2- Mehmet Göçmen
3- İhsan Bozkuş

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